Present members

  • Sabina Leonelli
    Sabina Leonelli
    Principal Investigator (ERC grant & Turing project)
    University of Exeter
  • Rachel Ankeny
    Rachel Ankeny
    Principal Investigator (ARC grant)
    University of Adelaide
  • Ernesto Schwartz-Marin
    Ernesto Schwartz-Marin
    Principal investigator (Data justice)
    University of Exeter
  • Dana Wilson-Kovacs
    Dana Wilson-Kovacs
    Principal Investigator (Digital Forensics)
    University of Exeter
  • DietrichM
    Michael Dietrich
    Co-Investigator (ARC grant)
    Dartmouth University
  • Brian Rappert
    Brian Rappert
    Co-Investigator (Digital Forensics)
    University of Exeter
  • Niccolò Tempini
    Niccolò Tempini
    Senior lecturer
    University of Exeter
  • Williamson Hugh
    Hugh Williamson
    Research Fellow (Turing project)
    University of Exeter


  • Staffan Müller-Wille
    Staffan Müller-Wille
    Principal Investigator (History and Philosophy of Taxonomy)
    University of Exeter
  • WheatH
    Hannah Wheat
    Research Fellow (Digital Forensics)
    University of Exeter
  • Javier Suarez Diaz
    Javier Suárez Díaz
    PhD student (ERC grant)
    University of Exeter
  • RoseAR
    Alex Rafael Rose
    Research Fellow (ERC grant)
    University of Exeter
  • Gregor Halfmann
    Gregor Halfmann
    PhD student (ERC grant)
    University of Exeter
  • Rebecca Lovell
    Rebecca Lovell
    Research Fellow (ESRC grant)
    University of Exeter
  • Jim Lowe
    Jim Lowe
    Research Fellow
    University of Exeter
  • BezuidenhoutL
    Louise Bezuidenhout
    Research Fellow (Leverhulme & GYA grants)
    Notre Dame University, Oxford University
  • Jennifer Cuffe
    Visiting Research Fellow (Histories of Databases)
    Carleton University
    Library and Archives Canada
  • Ann Kelly
    Ann Kelly
    Co-Investigator (Leverhulme grant)
    KCL — University of London
  • LevinN
    Nadine Levin
    Research Fellow (ESRC grant)
    University of Exeter

Visiting scholars

The Data Studies group welcomes visits from scholars and graduate students to take part in our research activities. We cannot fund travel and accommodation, but we may be able to provide desk space at Egenis for visiting periods of various lengths. For information about visiting opportunities, please contact Sabina Leonelli.

  • Sarah Callaghan
    Sarah Callaghan
    January 2020
    Patterns (
  • Caitlin Wylie
    Caitlin Wylie
    January–February 2020
    University of Virginia
  • Cameron Neylon
    Cameron Neylon
    January 2020
    Curtin University
  • Xiao-Li Meng
    Xiao-Li Meng
    September 2019
    Harvard University
  • Anne Beaulieu
    Anne Beaulieu
    September 2019
    University of Groningen
  • DanielleLeMieux
    Danielle LeMieux
    September 2018 – January 2019
    University of Adelaide
  • Dook Shepherd
    September 2018 – January 2019
    University of Adelaide
  • SuarezDiazE
    Edna Suárez-Díaz
    January 2018
    National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
  • BechtelW
    William Bechtel
    May 2017
    University of California at San Diego
  • ChackoX
    Xan Chacko
    May 2017
    University of California at Davis
  • WalshK
    Kirsten Walsh
    March 2017
    University of Nottingham (then Exeter)
  • Adrian Currie
    Adrian Currie
    March 2017
    University of Cambridge (then Exeter)
  • KeuckL
    Lara Keuck
    January 2017
    Humboldt University (Berlin)
  • CanaliS
    Stefano Canali
    September–October 2016
    Leibniz University Hannover
  • IllariP
    Phyllis Illari
    April 2016
  • Inge De Bal
    Inge De Bal
    April 2016
    Ghent University
  • Julia Sánchez-Dorado
    Julia Sánchez-Dorado
    April 2016
  • David Teira
    David Teira
    April 2016
    UNED Madrid
  • Najko Jahn
    Najko Jahn
    March 2016
    University library Bielefeld (then Göttingen)
  • Catelijne Coopmans
    Catelijne Coopmans
    January–February 2016
    National University of Singapore
  • Vignola GagneE
    Étienne Vignola-Gagné
    January 2016
    McGill University
  • Ashraful Islam Khan
    Ashraful Islam Khan
    January 2016
    University of Rājshāhi
  • Sara Green
    Sara Green
    November 2015
    University of Copenhagen
  • Leah McClimans
    Leah McClimans
    October 2015–February 2016
    University of South Carolina
  • Miguel Lopez-Paleta
    Miguel Lopez-Paleta
    September–December 2015
    National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Jessy Wright
    Jessy Wright
    September–December 2015
    University of Western Ontario
  • Federica Lucivero
    Federica Lucivero
    July 2015
    KCL (then Oxford University)

Support staff

  • Chee Wong
    Chee Wong
    Project administrator
    University of Exeter
  • Michel Durinx
    Michel Durinx
    Website developer
    University of Exeter