16 February 2015, Seminar Room, Byrne House, Exeter

Egenis Workshop

Understanding in Scientific Practice: Reasoning, Cognition, Mechanisms

  • 13:30 Welcome and introduction
  • 13:35 Professor Henk de Regt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Kinds and Degrees of Understanding
  • 14:15 Dr Phyllis Illari (University College London): How Are Mechanistic Explanations Understood?
  • 14:45 Tea and Coffee Break
  • 15:15 Professor Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter): Data-Centric Science and Distributed Understanding
  • 15:45 Dr Adam Toon (University of Exeter): Understanding and Extended Cognition
  • 16:15 Conclusion

The workshop was funded by the European Research Council, through the project DATA_SCIENCE. No advance registration was needed. The workshop organisers were Sabina Leonelli and Adam Toon.