GLobal Information System

Year announced
Year funded
Year launched
Home institute(s)
Project history
    The creation of a Global Information System was mandated under Article 17 of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (2001). A Scientific Advisory Committee was established in 2015, followed by a programme of work for 2016-2022.
Desired partners
: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, USDA
: Assigning PUIDs to PGRFA, Tracking accession history
: Genebanking
Data type(s)
: Links to further information (e.g. publications, registration in other systems), Accession, Collection, MLS Status, Taxonomic
Standards used
: Darwin Core, DOI, Easy-SMTA (PIDs), FAO-WIEWS (institution codes), Multicrop Passport Descriptors
Current interoperability
: DataCite, Genesys
Desired interoperability
: Germinate
Planned interoperability
What is open?
Software not currently open
System update procedures
: Descriptors rarely modified,only with addition of in situ and on farm descriptors,Descriptions of descriptors more likely to change.
Curation type
: Automatic
User training options
: None
Approximate database size
: 190000 registrations
Data system type
: DOI registration and search service for PGRFA held in genebanks and in situ
Current users
: CG genebanks, James Hutton Institute