Crop Ontology

Key standard for crop trait classification

Year launched
Home institute(s)
: Bioversity International
: CGIAR Big Data Platform
Project history
    Initially developed to increase the semantic accessibility of outputs from the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme (2004-2014). Subsequently adopted as a community of practice within the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.
Partners (past & present)
: CGIAR Integrated Breeding Platform, CIMMYT
: Semantic annotation of crop and experiment data
: Plant Breeding
Data type(s)
: Experimental, Socioeconomic, Accession, Developmental, Environmental, Genomic, Phenotypic
Software used
: Database Management System and Germplasm Management System of the International Crop Information System (ICIS);, OBO-Edit
Standards used
: Bioversity Crop Descriptor Lists, Gene Ontology, MIAME-Plant, Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors, Open Biomedical Ontology format, Plant Ontology
Current interoperability
: AgroPortal, Ontology Lookup Service, Planteome Reference Ontologies
What is open?
System update procedures
: Users suggest new terms to be added to the ontology
Curation type
: community-based, Manual
User training options
: Video tutorials
Data system type
: Ontology and API for crops with sub-ontologies for specific crop species.
Current users
: breeders, crop researchers
Reference usecase(s)
: CGIAR Global Agricultural Trial Repository (for API), Integrated Breeding Platform
Reference organism
: chickpea, Initially banana, maize, potato, rice, sorghum, wheat. Others added later.